Digital Logos

Signature files. Thanks to the "Integrated Image" project, schools and departments at Indiana University now have customized "signatures" to use with their print and electronic publications. (Click here for IUSM signature files.)


Signature "packets" include files in vertical and horizontal orientation, and in TIF and EPS formats. To download your signature packet, follow these instructions:

Start with this link. Sign in with your IU login and password. Click on the Indiana University link. Click on Medicine/. Find your department. Click to download.

For a detailed explanation of IU's Integrated Image system, download the Integrated Image Guidelines document. (6.64MB PDF)

To request an IUSM signature, or you have questions about the signatures, please contact Pam Perry, director of Public & Media Relations, or Tom Weinzerl, director of Visual Media.

Also find print and Web-ready copies of the logos below. First click to select an image, then click to select the format you require.


Med.IU.H_thm.jpg IU.SOM.H_thm.jpg
Med.IU.V_thm.jpg IU.SOM.V_thm.jpg



Looking for more Web art? Contact the IUSM Office of Visual Media: (317) 274-7478.

IUSM Communications | Health Information and Translational Science Building | 410 W. 10th Street | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | Ph: (317) 274-7722