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The Office of Public & Media Relations works to place IU School of Medicine stories in local, regional, and national news media outlets. We also provide media training. Working with the media? Request a media training session.

Media Placement Guidelines

Significant basic or clinical research that is to be published in a journal, presented at a professional meeting or has received national funding:

REMINDER: When "selling" breakthroughs or programs to media, we compete with other universities, hospitals and research institutions which also begin media placements two or three weeks before embargo date.

News about a School of Medicine program, clinical trial or patient:

When we receive late notification, the following can be done:

*REMINDER: Your and your patients' availability influence our time lines as do the commitments already made to other faculty projects by Media Relations staff.

The best way we can encourange reporters to call our experts is for you to tell us which areas or subject matter you are comfortable talking about with media and by informing us of upcoming news items.


Media Overview

Medical news is most likely to be considered breaking news by the news media when they determine that it is of great interest to the majority of their viewers and readers.

What is breaking news?

Editors and producers, not reporters, determine coverage based on their criteria:

Certain publications drive what health and medical issues are covered each week:

All three promote articles in news releases placed in advance with media. Medical reporters tend to cover these every week. While we try to get a local angle on the top stories, we only have one or two days notice to contact you requesting interviews. If you know of important research about to be published, please let us know. If you or a colleague can provide commentary to the media, we can identify IUSM as a resource in medicine and medical research for Indiana media.


News Facts We Face


Your Identity

It is important that you provide your School of Medicine identification to a reporter. If you serve two institutions simultaneously, such as the Regenstrief Institute or Walther Cancer Institute, you must provide both of your affiliations. Since you are the one talking to the reporter, it is up to you to insist that you be identified correctly.

Additional Outlets for Your News

The IUSM Office of Public and Media Relations understands the demands on your time and your concerns about media and publicity. We are here to provide the support you may need when you release a major paper, face complicated or unpleasant situations, or must deal with other potentially public situations.

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