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Regenstrief study: Informatics tools underutilized in prevention of hospital-acquired infection

February 20, 2013 -- Advances in electronic medical record systems and health information exchange are shifting efforts in public health toward greater use of information systems to automate disease surveillance, but a study from the Regenstrief Institute has found that these technologies' capabilities are underutilized by those on the front lines of preventing and reporting infections.

Indiana Network for Patient Care helps officials track disease, warn of outbreaks

January 18, 2013 -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported that influenza activity is high across most of the United States. The Indiana Network for Patient Care's ability to track data from physician offices and medical facilities across Indiana provides public health officials in the Hoosier state with early warning of outbreaks of influenza and other communicable diseases in Indiana. It will also let them know about weather-related health conditions or food-borne illnesses, enabling immediate actions including the alerting of appropriate medical personnel and policymakers.

Indianapolis EMS chief named to lead Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety

September 19, 2012 -- The Indianapolis Coalition for Patient Safety has named Charles Miramonti, M.D., as its new chairman. Dr. Miramonti replaces the retiring Glenn Bingle, M.D., Ph.D., who has served as chairman since the organization’s incorporation in 2009.

IU School of Medicine and IU Health collaborate on cardiovascular genetics in patient care, research

September 11, 2012 -- With funding from the Strategic Research Initiative, physician-scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine and Indiana University Health are implementing the state’s first comprehensive program to implement genetic testing in research and clinical care in heart disease

Glick Eye Institute purchasing art, seeks more Indiana artists for phase II of public art project

August 29, 2012 -- The art committee at the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Eye Institute will purchase 17 pieces of art created by 15 artists with Indiana ties who displayed their work during a year-long public art project developed to showcase the visual arts in a building dedicated to vision care and research.

Pediatric ophthalmologist designs vision screening kit for schools, physicians

July 16, 2012 -- Daniel Neely, M.D., treats children in his pediatric ophthalmology clinic for vision problems ranging from amblyopia and strabismus to cataracts and retinoblastoma. By the time children reach his exam chair, they could be at risk for serious eye conditions.

International couples study confirms anti-retroviral medications reduce spread of HIV

July 12, 2012 -- Oral anti-retroviral drugs, taken before exposure to HIV, provided a high level of protection against the virus in heterosexual men and women, according to a study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and published July 12 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Drug-resistant STD forewarns need for more drug research: Indiana University infectious disease expert says

June 8, 2012 -- Gonorrhea, once readily treatable with penicillin and more recently with cephalosporin antibiotics, has developed a drug-resistant strain that may leave millions of people worldwide with fewer treatment options, the World Health Organization cautioned Wednesday.

Bacteria study of male adolescents reveals new insights into urinary tract health

May 11, 2012 -- The first study using cultivation independent sequencing of the microorganisms in the adolescent male urinary tract has revealed that the composition of microbial communities colonizing the penis in young men depends upon their circumcision status and patterns of sexual activity.

Ethics and science experts call for FDA to improve its system for assessing drugs on the market

May 4, 2012 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration should exercise the authority it has to improve the system for tracking potential problems with prescription drugs once they have been approved for sale on the market, experts from the University of Washington, Indiana University and the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency said Friday in a commentary published online by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Indiana University cardiologist reports stun guns can result in sudden cardiac arrest and death

May 2, 2012 -- A review of case reports published April 30 in the journal Circulation indicates that being shocked in the chest with an electronic control device or stun gun can result in sudden cardiac arrest.

Institute of Medicine Urges Improved FDA Monitoring of Drugs After Market Approval

May 1, 2012 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration should adopt a more systematic approach to tracking potential problems with prescription drugs after they are approved, an Institute of Medicine committee said Tuesday in a report coauthored by an Indiana University bioethics expert.

Hip ‘Little Book’ gives teens the straight dope on important stuff

May 1, 2012 -- “The Little Book About a Whole Lot of Stuff” is packed with useful information and important messages for adolescents.

Statewide Conference at IUPUI Focuses on Healthier America, Healthier Indiana

March 29, 2012 -- The work of a public health employee can be a thankless job, with much of it taking place behind the scenes -- like inspecting restaurants, sleuthing disease outbreaks and advocating for health policy changes. A group of leading public health authorities in Indiana wants to make sure these health warriors are informed, connected and appreciated.