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Drug for Alcoholics Treats Fragile X Autism, This Week on Sound Medicine

May 5, 2011 -- This week on Sound Medicine, acomprosate, a drug used to treat adult alcoholics, shows promise for autistic children with Fragile X syndrome. Other topics include how acomprosate works for alcohol abuse and how anesthesia works on the brain. Also, two adoptive mothers share their stories in our Patient Listening series. Sound Medicine airs on WFYI, 90.1FM, and on many other public radio stations, this weekend, May 7 and 8. read more...

Indiana University Neuroscientists Map a New Target to Wipe Pain Away

June 6, 2011 -- Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine have discovered a peptide that short circuits a pathway for chronic pain. Unlike current treatments this peptide does not exhibit deleterious side effects such as reduced motor coordination, memory loss or depression, according to an article in Nature Medicine posted online June 5, 2011. read more...