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The medical school has official pages at notable social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We also post video on YouTube.

Not only that, faculty, students, residents and staff post to social networks as professionals. And many departments and programs at the school are connected, too. We try to connect with as many IU Medicine groups as possible.

FACULTY & STUDENTS. Please contact us if you'd like to start a Facebook or Google Plus page for your department -- or if you are tweeting or blogging professionally.

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Happy New Year….. A few days late :-)
January 19th
Happy New Year! Yes I know it’s the middle of January but its still worth celebrating! Per usual, its been a blur of action since the last time I posted. My interview season has concluded and I’m currently on my Sub-I rotation. But before I ge…
Docta J: Graduation Weekend Recap
June 5th
Ya girl is hooded!   Hood Status: Achieved. It is still surreal. Graduation weekend was epic! Friday night, our family and friends came into town from all over. I’m so blessed to have had so much unwavering support throughout this journey, and …
The Adventures of Tim
April 2nd
Hi Everybody, When med students enter the last 2 years of med school, it is relatively easy to lose track of friends or even stay away from med students that you do not get along with.  Given that I chose the NW campus, it was easier for me to lose a lot …
When you feel inadequate….
January 4th
Sometimes during med school I have the realization that maybe I’m not cut out for this. I seem to be doing all the right things, bringing a good attitude to work, being on time, staying late, not taking lunch breaks when there’s too much to do…
September 8th
Hi everyone, Again, another few months (six…dang it) have passed by since I have stopped to reflect where I am and where I have been.  I finally made it to fourth year.  As some of you know and all will now be aware, I didn’t quite take the st…
The Longest Week of My Life.
March 12th
It occurs to me that as this blog’s resident “fourth year,” I should probably say something about the residency match process. However, I detest boring unpoetic narratives, which is what has previously stopped me from writing this post. So instead, a list…
January 12th
I may have scrubbed this post a bit too much; please excuse all the ‘they’ and ‘their’ I use to refer to an individual: My recent rotation in Internal Medicine was a good one; the doctor, a cardiologist, and I discussed anecdotal e…


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