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One of the beauties of a good content management system is its WYSIWIG interface. Make web pages, no coding required. This page, for example, is typed right into the Tiny MCE web  editor in Concrete5.

But for the intrepid, knowing (at least) a little HTML and CSS code satisfies a certain need for sophistication, for stylishness. Here's a little HTML cheatsheet (MS Word).

And below are HTML resources for beginners and for experienced Web developers.

For beginners, turn to "If you know nothing about HTML, this is where you start." Find out how HTML tags work and learn how to use them to manipulate text, graphics, and hyperlinks.

Find a terrific tutorial and reference on HTML5 at W3schools. Worthy of a bookmark.

For the experienced, we highly recommend the HTML/CSS overview from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).Geeks: check out the W3C cheatsheet, a lookup guide for hundreds of specifications.

Scroll down to the "quick" table of contents for detailed description of elements like HTML text, tables, stylesheets, and those cute little character entities.

The CSS Box Model. For more information on the CSS Box Model, visit SitePoint's reference on the subject.

CSS Box Model
CSS Box Model

CSS Box Model

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